Many people are cutting the cable and satellite TV cord and moving to streaming services. But if you have kids or grandkids, it’s important to make sure there’s appropriate content available for them.

 Streaming services for kids are expanding rapidly. Users can now try various streaming services for children’s content as well as the most established services from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. Costs are still affordable and kid friendliness is expanding to capture and retain family audiences.

 Users should always remember content is always changing, updating, and omitting, so don’t expect the same movies and shows to always be there. Other websites feature release date calendars of content from various services.

 Special notes: Parents, guardians and caretakers must use caution because most kids streaming services allow choices from the regular, parent service that may not be appropriate for children. Most services offer trial periods to try out the services at varying costs that usually require credit card information. Prices, content availability and release dates can change any time.

 Netflix created a specific kids section as well as separate profile (up to five). Netflix recently raised their monthly fee to $8.99 a month except for existing customers and offers streaming only – no purchases. Netflix has a good balance of TV and films with streaming services to television, Kindle Fire tablets, gaming consoles, handheld gaming consoles and tablet computers. For an additional fee, users can subscribe to have one DVD at a time sent to your home. No commercials or ads increasing the viewing experience here. Users can rate videos and the Max feature gives users helpful recommendation after they answer specific preference questions.

 Users always have access to a current list, which users can always edit, and content they recently watched. The new releases and recently added sections don’t overlap, but it would be nice if they were combined to reduce scrolling. Other panel row areas include specific genres and recommendation based on a single piece of content viewed. Netflix’s large selection is great and keeps growing with appealing exclusive deals with Disney/Marvel/Pixar and DreamWorks on the horizon.


Hulu Plus (owned by NBC Universal) has a monthly fee of $7.99 and leans more towards the television side and more classic films with streaming purchases only – no purchases. Hulu Plus offers new episodes uploaded the day after the show airs on television, so newer TV content is a definite advantage here. They also have a specific kids section as well as a video games (mostly previews) and movie previews (a.k.a. trailers) section. Hulu Plus has commercials and ads, but recently offered an option where users view a large block at the beginning of the content to avoid multiple ad interruptions later.

 In part 2 of this article, we’ll check out some more options for kid-friendly streaming.

~ Mike