So, when I got my latest mobile bill, I was shocked that my wife and I came mere megabytes from going over on our data usage – close, but not over, thankfully. Only issue is, we’ve never even come close to going over before, so what’s changed in the in-between? Is it a game that’s gone rogue? An app that’s data-happy?

I investigated with little success…

Then, I heard through my network of informants that since Facebook decided to implement videos that play automatically, a lot of folks have been reporting higher than usual data-usage.  Makes sense to me – videos can be pretty hefty in size, after all – and luckily there’s a quick and easy fix for anyone out there that wants to control whether or not videos on their Facebook feed play automatically. 

So, tap this out:

Settings>Facebook, and then tap on Settings, which is at the very top, directly under the “Facebook is installed field”.

Under Video, click on Auto-play. You’ll see three options: On, Off, or Wi-fi only. Simply tap whichever you’d like and you’re good to go!