Apple has unveiled its new Apple Watch. This highly anticipated device may not quite be the game changer everyone was expecting, but it’s still kind of spiffy. Even though, it’s expensive it should be a hit with fans of Apple products, but whether it takes off with the general public remains to be seen.

First of all, let’s talk about what this new Smart Watch is NOT. It is not an independent device that allows you to ditch your cell phone and feel like Dick Tracy. (Young folks will need to Google that one.)  It is more of a smartphone accessory than an actually smartwatch.  You need a phone, specifically an iPhone to use the watch.

The watch uses the WiFi and GPS from your phone  which is connected (presumably via a Bluetooth connection)  to the watch. It does not have a camera, though it will act as remote for what your phone camera sees.

The Apple Watch is arguably the most attractive entry so far into the smartwatch market. Users can choose from a variety of watch faces and will have the options to purchase watch bands in many colors and textures. There’s even going to be an 18-karat gold option.

Users can check messages, receive and make phone calls and check e-mail. The watch will also send notifications in a unique way. It taps your skin under the watch.

The watch features an old-fashioned crown like wind-up watches that’s used to navigate the apps on the phone.

There’s also a built in heart-rate sensor and accelerometer to work with fitness apps.


The watch will have calendar, maps and iTunes apps as well as a payment system similar to Google Wallet. Plus, it works in conjunction with Siri. The starting price for this fancy watch is $349 (you’ll need an iPhone for it to work, though) and it will be available early next year.

Would you buy a smartwatch or do you prefer a not-so-smart watch that just keeps time? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia