Apple thinks its time for you to ditch your wallet and use their new Apple Pay system on your iPhone to take care of your shopping transactions.


This is not a new concept, Google Wallet has been around for a long time and many people have wondered when Apple was going to get into the mobile payment game. Apple Pay will roll out next month in conjunction with the recently launched iPhone 6. With iPay, you enter your credit cards, gift cards and customer loyalty apps into the app on your phone and take that with you instead of the physical cards.

If you shop at a retailer that supports Apple Pay, you can check out with one touch on your phone without entering a credit card number or sharing your credit card information with the retailer.


You can also use Apple Pay to order online using apps from Groupon, Starrbucks, Sepohora, Panera, Target and others.

The idea of a virtual wallet raises security concerns for many people. Apple assured customers that their purchase information will remain private. Their banks will know what they purchased, but Apple will not have those details. In fact, the company says it is more secure than using your credit card in person.

So far, there are over 200,000 locations where you can use the Apple Pay service. All of the major credit card companies and big banks are on board with this system.  Among the stores that will accept Apple Pay are Macy’s, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Subway and Toys R Us.

Much like Google Wallet, you will be able to pay for transactions using the credit and debit cards you have registered with Apple Pay and you can also enter gift cards  and rewards cards into your phone to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

Apple’s new Apple Watch smartwatch will also work with Apple Pay, letting you pay for purchases with a tap to your watch. (as long as you have your iPhone with you.)

Stores that accept Apple Pay will show the icon below at the checkout.

Apple Pay will be available for iPhone users in October.

~ Cynthia