The Do Not Call list was great in theory, yet it’s been widely ignored by robo-callers. Enter Nomorobo! A free, easy to setup service that lets you opt out of robocalls! 

I suggest watching the video which explains how the service works. The video is just under a minute and half long and I thought it did a great job of convincing me Nomorobo is a useful service. 

To begin click the Get Started button. I noticed right away that they offer this service for both Landlines and Wireless Carriers! You’ll choose which service you use, then you’ll select the carrier from the dropdown list. If you have more than one you want to add, click the Add button to enter in more lines.  Then you’ll provide your  e-mail address and click the blue Next button. 

My carrier wasn’t available, but they provided me with a number to call and request Simultaneous Ringing and will e-mail me when it’s added. I called Sprint and they said that they’re looking into the technology, but as of right now it is unavailable. 

If your carrier does support it, Nomorobo will send you an e-mail that will provide you with the steps you need to setup the service. Clicking the link they’ve provided will whisk you away to the registration form where you’ll enter your name and create a password. It will auto log you in and you’ll need to click the blue Click Here to Get Started button.  Then you’ll just follow the steps to add your phone lines! It’s as easy as that! 

I hope more carriers will pick up this service so that we can all be robo call free in the near future! Go check to see if you can block those robo calls today!