In a time when the prices of both eReaders and Tablets have been dropping, Amazon has reversed that trend by bringing out the Voyage.

This deluxe eReader starts at $200 with special offers (ad that pop up on the start screen), but can run up to $289 for a version with no ads that connects to both WiFi and comes with a 3G connection. This is strictly an e-ink eReader, not a touchscreen Android tablet like the Kindle Fire.

Many people who read a lot of books prefer e-ink. It’s easier on the eyes that a backlit tablet and feels more like reading a physical book.

Amazon describes the tablet as “passionately crafted for readers.” So what does this high-end tablet have going for it that makes it a better choice compared to the recently introduced $79 Kindle?

It is the thinnest Kindle yet, only 7.6 mm thick and it weighs just over 6 ounces.

The graphic below shows its size and thickness in comparison to a standard pencil.

Amazon promises the highest resolution, highest contrast and the brightest display of any Kindle. Amazon says the specially strengthened glass on the front resists scratches and diffuses light to reduce glare. Unlike a Kindle Fire, you could read the display in a bright light.

A new front light automatically adjust the brightness of the display to suit the brightness of the room and then also adjusts to mimic the way the human eye adjusts to light and darkness to always have text displayed at the best level for reading.

There’s also a PagePress feature that lets you turn pages by lightly pressing on the bezel. You get a slight vibration from the Kindle to indicate that the page has turned. The tablet can also hold a battery charge up to 6 weeks.

If you’d like a lower-priced alternative – there’s a model simply called Kindle for only $79. The Voyage will be available starting in October.

Would you pay over $200 for an eReader? Are they superior to tablets or can nothing live up to an old-fashioned book?

Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia