Are These eBook Sites Safe?

Judy writes in reference to our Tech Tip about our Beware eBook Malware Tech Tip:

I’m concerned about the ebooks that I get for my Samsung Tab3. I do not have any anti-malware or anti-virus on my tablet because the salesman for Samsung at Best Buy didn’t think I needed it.

I subscribe to these book sites:

Pixel Of Ink




The Fussy Librarian

Discount Books Daily

Are they on the list of unfavorable places to shop?

I am assuming that your sales guy at the store doesn’t pay much attention to the news. Malware can be a real issue for Android. If I were you, I’d had over to the Google Play Store and check out the security options. Click here for an article about security options for Android.

Now onto the eBook issues. The list of sites you sent me are not places where you purchase books. They are blogs or newsletters that write articles about which sites are offering discounts or free eBooks. But that’s for your question, because these are great sites that I want to share with our readers. They are also good examples of what a legitimate site looks like.

Let’s take a look at Pixel of Ink. You’ll see that it offers “Free & Bargain Kindle Books.” 

Here’s an example of a book they suggest.

When I click through, the book is available on the site.  That’s good. Any site that says it’s a Kindle book should take you to Amazon. Only Amazon is allowed to sell Kindle books. Now a book might be something you can read on a Kindle, but it’s not a Kindle book unless Amazon sells it.

To be sure, just open your Kindle app to look up the book title. If you buy it through our Kindle app from the Amazon store, you’ll know it’s the real deal. I Love eBooks also takes you straight to the Amazon store with its Kindle deals. Book Gorilla is also focused on Kindle books and allows you to create a highly-customizable newsletter with deals in your favorite genres.

BookBub shows you deals in multiple formats. You’ll notice this book is available at a deep discount from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google & Kobo readers.

If I click on the Google button, I’m taken to the Google Play Store – another perfectly legitimate place to purchase books.

The Fussy Librarian is a fabulous site that allows you to filter books by Genre, whether or not you want strong language, violence or sexual content.

You’ll see an average rating for reviews of the book and if there is an audio version available. Under the Buy Now heading, you’ll see links to where you can purchase the book.

Discount Books Daily also lets you sort by genre and to share your finds on social media. Just like the other sites, it takes you directly to the seller’s store to purchase the book.

Below is an example of a site with pirated books. There are several versions of Gone Girl available for free.

Gone Girl is selling on Amazon for $7.99 currently.

For anyone tempted to use pirated sites for free downloads, JUST STOP IT NOW! If you don’t want to pay for a book, get if from the library. Your device will be safer and you won’t be stealing.

Thanks for the great sites, Judy. Enjoy reading!

~ Cynthia