Joanne writes:

I’m on the iCloud, yet I still have to delete emails from my inbox on all 3 of my devices, i.e., my Dell laptop, iPad and iPhone, which is time-consuming. Shouldn’t I be able to delete them from one device and have that that carried over to the other 2 devices? What am I doing wrong?

Joanne, from your Verizon e-mail address, I can tell you that your e-mail isn’t in the iCloud. It’s in Verizon’s cloud maintained on their servers. Just as e-mail is housed on Microsoft’s servers, Gmail is on Google’s servers and Yahoo! Mail lives on Yahoo! servers.

What you usually need to do to sync among devices is make sure that the apps you use for reading your mail are set up as IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) instead of POP (Post Office Protocol) accounts.  With an IMAP setup, any action you take on one device occurs on your other devices simultaneously. With POP accounts, you have to perform every action separately on each device.

You would need to check the settings on the e-mail client on your computer, iPhone and iPad and made sure they are set to IMAP.  If not, you’ll need to create another account within your client using IMAP settings.

If not, you’ll need to add accounts to those clients and choose IMAP for the settings.

But your problem may be your Verizon account. Looking at their website, it looks as if they do not support IMAP settings. Most likely to save them storage costs. If you want an IMAP account, you’ll need to switch to another mail service like or Gmail.

If changing your e-mail address would be a big problem, you should be able to forward your mail another account using Verizon’s Email Forwarding Tool.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia