The developers of a free tool called Detekt say they can find out if someone is spying on your Windows computer. It scans your computer for known surveillance spyware.

They site the huge growth in the use of surveillance technology in recent years that allow governments and other individuals to read you e-mail, monitor you conversations and possibly turn on your PC’s camera and microphones with you realizing it.

Now, they offer no guarantees that Detekt will find any and all surveillance spyware on our computer, but they feel it does a pretty good job.

You can download it at

You must be able to run your computer with administrator rights to use the software. When you open Detekt, make sure to choose Run as administrator. For an XP computer, just click to open. But if you’re online with an XP computer, there’s no real protection for that operating system. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are checking to find out if you were previously spied on back before you took your XP computer offline when security support ended.


Then pick a language. You can choose between English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Amharic. The choose Scan now.


The scan will start and may take some time to complete because it’s checking your entire computer.


Detekt will let you know the results of the scan and generate a log file of what it found. Detekt cannot remove the surveillance malware. You’ll have to contact a trusted security professional about that and you should probably notify the police.  Detekt is capable of finding a false positive, so it’s important to check with a professional. Detekt does list some resources to turn to on their website.


Detekt suggests saving the log that detected the surveillance malware somewhere other than the computer and immediately shutting it down until you can have it checked out. If you truly are infected with surveillance malware, someone could be monitoring your every keystroke, reading all your communication and even listening or watching you.

Note: Detekt is not yet compatible with Windows 8.1

~ Cynthia