Last week I explained how to post photos to Facebook using a browser. 

In this article I’ll explain how to do it using a mobile Android device. You can post by either opening the Android FB app on your phone or from the Gallery as long as you have the Facebook app on your phone and are logged in.

To post a photo, open the Facebook app and tap on Photo at the bottom of the screen.


You’ll then have the option of choosing a photo saved on your phone or you can tap the camera or video camera icon to take a picture or video.


To choose a photo from your camera roll, just tap to select. You can choose one photo or multiple images. When you are finished, tap Done.


You can also add a photo directly from the Gallery app by selecting an image and tapping the Share icon.


You’ll see options to share through a variety of ways. Scroll down and tap the Facebook icon.


Then you can write a post describing what you’re sharing.


You can tag friends in photos, create an album or set locations at the bottom of the screen.


I prefer creating albums when posting multiple photos as it helps keeps things organized. Otherwise you’ll end up with a huge mobile uploads photo that can make it difficult when you want to do something like find some Thanksgiving photos.

Tap the album icon to create an album.


Then choose Create Album.


Then name the album and tell a little about it.


Then post the the album.


That album will now be part of your Facebook Albums.


 ~ Cynthia