James from Villanueva asks:

This has probably been asked before but how does one remove an email address from someone’s Facebook account? I’m running Windows 7 professional.

The operating system doesn’t matter in this case, since this will all be done in your browser. I’m not sure if you want to make sure your e-mail address isn’t public or if you want to change your e-mail address. You can’t completely remove and e-mail address from a Facebook account, it’s the way that Facebook identifies you.

To make sure your e-mail is not visible to the public (and it won’t be, unless you chose those privacy settings) click on your name at the top left of the news feed to go to your profile page.


On your profile page, select About.


Then choose Contact and Basic info.


 Scroll down to to Email and then click on the link to your e-mail address or addresses.


Beside each address you’ll see security options.


Click the first drop-down option to determine who can see your e-mail. You can choose Public, Friends, Only Me or create a custom list.


The second drop-down option lets you decide if your e-mail address is displayed at all on your timeline.


If you want to change or remove an e-mail address Add/Remove Emails.


You can add another e-mail by clicking Add another email or remove an address. If you only have one e-mail address, you must add a second before removing the first.


 Another e-mail question people often have about Facebook, is how to control e-mail notifications. for that you go to the Notifications area and click Notification Settings.

notification area

Select Email and then Edit.


You can use these settings to determine what types of events you receive e-mail notices about. You can change it so that you only receive e-mail about important events such as the password on your account changing or modifications to Facebook’s privacy rules.


I hope one of these solutions helps you out.

~ Cynthia