Sue from Florida Writes:

I used to have a “share” click on top.  I could just click on it and sent an article to my daughter out of state.  Now, I had a prob with computer, it went to the shop and now it does not have the share button.  Do you know how to get it back for me?

A Share funciton allows you to quickly share web content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or via eMail.  I like the ShareThis toolbar.

The ShareThis toolbar is available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.  Go to to get the toolbar.


Then you’ll either drag the button to your bookmarks or add it to your favorites.  You’ll be given specific instructions depending on your browser.


Once Share This is in your Bookmarks or Favorites, you can drag it to your toolbar. When you wish to share a story, just click it in the toolbar and you’ll see sharing options.


Click it and you’ll see options to instantly share the page via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. 


Click the menu button and you’ll see even more options.


You can also drag those individual services lie Pinterest, Email or Facebook up to your toolbar to have a special icon just for that service.  You could drag the e-mail icon up to your toolbar to share with your daughter.

~ Cynthia