Dave writes:

I need help! It seems like I’m sending dozens of repeat LinkedIn invitations to my friends and contacts. I certainly didn’t mean to do it, I only intentionally sent out invitation to a select group of people I work with.

Dave, it’s not an unusual  problem and the solution is not a pretty one. The issue probably started when you first joined LinkedIn and it asked if you wanted to sent an invitation to your contacts. If you purposely or accidentally said yes, your friends won’t get just one invitation. They will get regular reminders until they accept or decline the invitation. Always take a close look at any option to send something to all of your contacts when signing up for a service or app. One click can cause your contacts to be flooded with things like game requests.

There’s a way to fix it, but it’s not pretty or easy. You will need to withdraw each individual invitation.  Go to this link  https://www.linkedin.com/inbox/invitations/sent

There will be a list of all the invitations sent by your account. Invitations that have been accepted with have (Accpeted) next to them. If it doesn’t say accepted,  it is still a pending invitation and you can withdraw.  You may see a lot of names you don’t recognize. When LinkedIn has permission to use contacts from your e-mail account, it will consider everyone who has ever sent you an e-mail a potential contact and issue invites to everyone in your inbox.


Click on the name of the person and then select Withdraw.


You’ll need to open each invitation individually and click on the Withdraw option.

~ Cynthia