When it comes to sharing screenshots, whether it be with friends or with customer support, the process of taking and sharing the screenshot can be a little cumbersome. The process usually involves selecting the window you have a problem with, pressing the Print Screen button to take a snapshot of the entire desktop (or ALT+Print Screen for just the active window), taking the screenshot to an image editor like Paint, pasting it inside, cropping the image to show the point of interest, saving the file to the desktop, and then sending the file to whoever needs it. A lot of steps for just sharing a picture!

There is a much better way of sending screenshots, however. Puush is an app that can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and iPhone. It allows the user to create screenshots with little to no effort, uploads the screenshot to the puush cloud, and then gives a direct link to the screenshot to share. All you have to do is select where to screenshot, and the app will do the rest.

So, let’s check out puush, and see what you can do with this excellent app.

First of all, head over to www.puush.me to download the application. Select from the Windows, Mac or iPhone options, depending on the operating system that you use. iPhone users can go to their App Store.


Once you have installed puush, you will probably notice that not much is happening. That is because puush runs mostly on the taskbar. You can find the puush icon here.


So, now that you have puush installed, what kind of screenshots can you take? Let’s say I want to take a screenshot of the following scene on my desktop.


There are three different kinds of screenshots you can make:

Capture Current Window

This is activated when you hold down the CTRL+SHIFT+2 keys. This will take a picture of the current window that you are in. This is particularly helpful if a piece of software is giving an error message, or you want to show something within a specific program to someone else. This will cut out anything outside or around the window automatically, so you don’t have to worry about cropping the window out of the image. The end result looks like this:


Capture Desktop

If you need to capture the entire screen as you see it, pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+3 keys together will take a picture of your entire desktop set up, including the taskbar. If you need to show your whole screen to someone, this will be the best way to do it. The screenshot will appear like this:


Capture Area

The third option is what makes puush unique. We’ve seen how to capture a single window, and how to capture the entire screen. But what if, for example, we wanted to capture a specific part of a window?

Sometimes when we take a screenshot, we only want the focus to be on a particular area of interest of a window. Showing the rest of the screen would be redundant, and this is usually solved by taking a screenshot and cropping it within an image editing program. With puush, this task becomes trivial.

First of all, press CTRL+SHIFT+4. The cursor will turn into a plus sign, like so.


Then, click and hold down your mouse at the top-left area of where you like to screenshot. Drag the cursor down, so that the highlighted box covers the area that you wish to screenshot.


Then, let go of the mouse button, and you will have created a screenshot of the exact area you have designated. The final product will look like this:


Now that you have your screenshot, it will be very easy to share it.  In part 2 of this article, we’ll learn how.

~ Simon