Kathyrn asks:

I keep getting emails that say that they have been referred by my Gmail address. I don’t know anything about them. I usually delete them because I am afraid that if I report them as SPAM I will either lose my email or something else will happen. The problem is that I don’t know if these are being sent out to other people as SPAM emails from me. What can I do?

Kathyrn, it is very unlikely that those e-mails are actually coming from your e-mail address. I’ve talked before about why we sometimes get spam that appears to come from our own e-mail account before in this article.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to report Spam as spam. Gmail makes it easy, just click the drop-down arrow in the message. You can report as spam or identify scams that try to get your information by marking as phishing.


Those e-mails aren’t coming from you and your ISP will able to tell that. Marking them as spam or junk will help your e-mail filter them out and put them in a spam folder where you won’t be bothered with them.

~ Cynthia