In part 1 of this article, I showed you how to download puush and the three ways that puush can take screenshots. So, how does puush make sharing screenshots a breeze? Let’s take a look.

Automatic Links

When you take a screenshot using any of the methods listed in part 1, the puush icon on your taskbar will display a notification, as well as make a chiming sound.


If you click the notification when it appears, puush will automatically open your default browser and display the picture. Simply copy the link as it is displayed, and you can paste it into an email, document, or wherever you wish the image to go. You can also save it to your desktop for local use.


All images are also displayed within a menu accessed by right clicking the puush icon. Here, you can see how many times an image has been viewed, as well as viewing the image yourself and copying a link to your clipboard for easy linking.


Other files

Puush does not stop at screenshots, however. There are two more ways to upload non-screenshot data onto puush,

The first is to upload data from your clipboard. When you copy (CTRL+C) something, whether it is text or an image, it is stored on an internal, temporary clipboard on your computer. By pressing CTRL+SHIFT+5, puush will automatically upload whatever is on your clipboard into the cloud, whether it is an image or text.



The second is the ability to upload any file you like, using CTRL+SHIFT+U. While puush is not classed as a means of sharing files between people, you can share lightweight files like images and text documents using puush. Pressing the key combination opens up a dialogue, through which you can select and upload a file of your choosing.



You can also right-click the item you want to upload and click ‘puush’ to upload the file.


You can delete files from your puush account by right-clicking the icon, selecting the file you want to delete, and clicking ‘Delete’.


With this knowledge in mind, you can make the most out of puush and share screenshots and small files like never before. Have fun!

~ Simon