From premium apps like Photoshop to free ones like Gimp, there are plenty of image editing apps in the market today for the Mac OS platform. Most of these apps however, contain way too many features than what an average user needs on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact that they have a considerably steep learning curve as well.

In reality, most of us merely require a simple image-editing app that allows us to do things like resize, crop and make minor adjustments to our images. Installing Photoshop just coz you need to overlay text onto an image is simply overkill. Besides an app like Photoshop requires precious resources in the form of hard drive space & RAM and for those of us who own a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, such resources are rarely in excess.

The secret solution

Unknown to most of us, there’s a basic yet highly efficient image editor present in all of our Macs by default. After all,  Macs are famous for being ready to use out of the box.

So where is this secret image editor located?

Actually, there’s nothing secretive about it. Chances are that you have been using it for a while without paying heed to its special abilities. I am referring to nothing but Preview, the default image and PDF viewer on Mac operating systems. It’s fairly common knowledge that Preview can also be used to annotate PDF files. You can add notes, highlight & underline text and save it all to the same PDF file. What many users don’t know is that Preview can edit images in the same manner as well. All you need to do is enable the edit toolbar.



You can do that by clicking on the ‘show edit bar’ button next to the search field or by going to View>Show Edit Toolbar or by pressing Shift+Command+A. This will enable a whole plethora of new editing options instantly. Hover over any particular icon to figure out the purpose behind it.




What kind of editing can i do with Preview

Some of the basic image editing functions that you can perform using the edit toolbar are :-

– Crop images or reducing their size proportionately

– Remove background of an image using the Instant Alpha tool

– Make custom Lasso selections

– Add speech or thought bubbles

– Add shapes like arrow, squares, circles etc.

– Add text to an image

– Change the root color profile of an image

As you can see, Preview is capable of doing a lot more than it gives away at first glance. Its basic editing functions are very useful for quickly editing an image for social media usage, preparing a screenshot for an office presentation and even for creating a funny meme birthday card for your best friend.

No need to rely on resource hogging image editing software for the smallest of your needs anymore. Preview not only takes care of your basic editing needs in an efficient manner, it does so very efficiently, making sure that crucial resources like RAM and disk space are not hogged for no reason. Give it a try. You’ll be surprised.