Bill says,

I use Outlook and for the most part, I am very satisfied with it. However, I have one problem with it that I can’t resolve on my own. My contacts never go away. Even though I remove them from my contacts listing, they are still there. They no longer appear in my contact listings, but appear when I attempt to send an email.

For example: When I begin typing an email address beginning with a letter, a number of possible email addresses pop up. Some of these contain emails for people that I removed years ago. How do I permanently remove these names? I have not Outlook.

Hi Bill,

We did an article about removing old auto-complete entries in Outlook, but these steps do not work on Here’s the way to remove auto-complete entries on

Click on the gear icon at the top right of, then click on Options. From there, click on Advanced Privacy Settings under Customizing


On the next screen, mark the box that says Only suggest people in my contact list. Hit save. Then go back to the settings and change it back to Give suggestions for anyone I’ve communicated with. A reboot may be required between the two steps.


That should erase the auto-complete settings, and you’ll no longer have the old addresses showing up when you go to send an email.

~ Audra