I’ve seen this pop up in my Facebook feed dozens of times over the past few days.


It claims that “Channel 13 News” said that you can change you Facebook privacy policy by posting this notice to your wall and that you must post the notice to the wall to ensure your privacy.

As with all posts that claim you can somehow make some type of legal notification with a Facebook post, it is 100% untrue and a complete waste of your time.  TV stations with the channel 13 designation from all over the country are posting denials like these online.


fb privacy post

You cannot make any changes to your terms of service with Facebook by posting something on you Facebook wall. In fact, you can’t modify those terms of service at all, except by choosing not to use the social network.

If you want to understand the rules for Facebook privacy and make changes to your privacy settings, check out this article about Facebook’s efforts to simplify privacy.

So why would someone make this up and post it in the first place? The same reason anyone pulls a prank. They want to see how many people will fall for it. Whoever started this post probably gets a huge laugh when they see it turn up posted by friends and see TV stations putting out the disclaimer.

Which is why it is important to be careful what you share on Facebook. The greatest threat to your privacy and security on Facebook comes from permissions that you grant to apps and games without thinking. Sometimes you’ll do it by agreeing to take a quiz or make a slide show of your year-end activities.  Click here to learn how to check what information you’re sharing.

~ Cynthia