The rise of digital photography spelled the end of the Kodak company as we knew it, but the famed photography brand is back in play, this time attached to a new Android Smartphone with a focus on photography.

With the smartphone becoming the primary camera for more and more people each day, it’s not surprising that a manufacturer would want to use the brand name associated with capturing a “Kodak moment.”  The camera in your smartphone certainly makes it easier to catch special moments on the fly.


The manufacturer promises that the IM5 phone with its 13 MP camera makes “Taking, storing, sharing and printing photos quick and simple.”

The phone runs Android Kit-Kat, but the manufacturer says it will be upgraded to Lollipop. The makers say the phones unique image management software will allow users to edit photos easily and that printing can be done simply with a customized app that will be compatible with many home printers.


The phone is also geared towards sharing images to social media, though most Android phones can do that pretty simply already.   Microsoft already has its own photo- focused Windows phone, the Nokia Lumina, which features a 41 MP camera.


The challenge for the Kodak phone is that most smartphones have pretty decent cameras already and there are plenty of photo sharing and editing apps available for download. Though this phone promises it will have its own dedicated app store with a “hand-picked selection of apps” as well as access to the Google Play store.

There’s nothing, however, in the specs for the new phone that make it stand out from the crowd as a camera, other than the Kodak name. 

It does feature a simplified interface with large buttons that could appeal to new users of smartphones. There’s also a feature that will allow remote access to the device from a computer. The price for the unlocked phone isn’t bad either, at only $249 is the U.S. 

The phone is expected to hit the U.S. by summer.

~ Cynthia