Janet asks:

In the address bar at the top where u type the address of the web site u want,  it used to stay there so when u clicked on the down arrow there were all the websites u wanted to go to again.  All of a sudden they are not saving any.  I want them back.  I have Windows 7 ultimate.  Thank u in advance.

You don’t say which browser you’re using, but I’m pretty sure what’s happening. It looks as if you’ve told your browser to stop auto-completing addresses or you’ve set it up to delete the history after you browse.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, click the gear symbol to the far upper-right and then select Internet Options from the drop-down menu.


 If you have Delete browsing history on exit checked, you’ll want to uncheck it.


Then choose the Content Tab and look for Autocomplete. Select Settings.


Make sure Address bar, Browsing History and Suggesting URLs are checked. Then hit OK.


~ Cynthia