Steve from Oklahoma writes:

“It appears all the questions revolve around people going back to Windows 7. If 8 and 8.1 are so great, why are so many people wanting to go back to, or stay with, 7?”

Well, Steve from Oklahoma, you’ve asked the million dollar question.   Although, in my experience, there are far more questions concerning staying with XP than 7.  All that I can offer about this is my educated guess, so here it is…

Windows XP was introduced in 2001, the year after the tragic release of Windows ME (Millennium Edition).  ME was an ME-SS.  I’ve never found anyone who liked it, and, in the time that I lived in Seattle and knew a lot of Microsoft employees, I never met one who would admit that they worked on it.


So when XP… an actually GOOD OS was released, people were overjoyed.   They loved XP.  Heck, I loved XP too. 


XP was such a great program that it hung around for a long, long time.  XP was the standard for six years.  To put that in perspective, over the last six years we’ve seen the introduction of THREE new Windows operating systems.  For many of us, XP was kind of the program that we “grew up” with in our computer use.   Which brings me to my next point…

People… for the most part… don’t like change.  The sales of personal computers BOOMED between 2000 and 2006, and so, for a lot of people, their whole experience of computers was XP.   Because of this, when Windows announced the release of Vista, they got the same kind of backlash that they’re experiencing now over 8.  Vista was a good program, but it was just… different.  It was not XP.  It’s kind of like the amount of griping that I endured from people in their fifties an sixties (my age and slightly older, in other words) about J J Abram’s reboot of Star Trek.  It was good… it just wasn’t what they were used to. 

When 7 was introduced, it didn’t suffer the kind of backlash that Vista did, because Vista had softened the fall for it.  People were okay with it because of the (undeservedly I feel) bad reputation that Vista had, and because they had had three years to wean themselves off of XP.  


So why the backlash against 8?  Because 8 is the first truly different OS from Windows.  I’ve always asserted that Windows 8 should rightfully be called “Tiles 1” because unless (like me) you use the “classic” desktop, the Windows are gone.  It is primarily designed for touch-screen computers, which some of us don’t use. 

But I think that it comes down to this… people are trying to stay with XP or 7 simply because they don’t like change.

But that’s just my opinion.

~ Randal Schaffer