Donna says,

I do not use the keyboard that came with the MAC because it was too small. I’m using a keyboard from one of my old computers so I can’t use select all or command A. Thanks again for this information.

Hi Donna,

There are some key differences between a Windows keyboard and a Mac keyboard. Here’s a list of those differences:


There is a way to set up a Windows keyboard to work with the common Mac commands. It involves going to the settings on the Mac, specifically to Keyboard Preferences. Click on Modifier keys in the keyboard tab. You can then change the settings for the keys on your keyboard.


To change the Windows Ctrl-WindowsKey-Alt settings into the standard Mac contol-option-command keys, you’d need to switch the Option and Command drop downs to have the opposite settings. So you would click on Option and change its drop down setting to Command, and then change Command to Option.

~ Audra