Android users will want to take note of this one.  Google has pulled a card came called Durak from the Google Play Store. Ten million people have this app installed.  The problem is that the game pushes malicious adware onto your computer.


That Malware then shows fake messages that mimic system notifications. When the user hits OK, they are then redirected to other apps and sometimes to third-party app stores, where they could download apps not approved by Google.  These fake pages contain more malware that can make your problem even worse.


Sometimes they redirect you to security apps that won’t help with the problem.

The tricky thing about this app is that it can sit quietly for up to a month before acting up, so you might not even connect downloading Durak with issues on your tablets. This is bad news for Google. The point of having an app store is that they are supposed to keep apps like this out. Google does not permit ads through notifications, but this one slipped by.

This malicious app was uncovered by security experts AVAST. AVAST makes an excellent security app for android.

If you’ve installed Durak on your Android device, delete it. Don’t just put the icon in the trash, that only moves the app from your home screen. Go to App Manage under settings to find Durak. Then choose uninstall.

If you don’t already have a security program on your device, get one.

~ Cynthia