Dianna asks: 

Do I need virus protection and other for my Nook, Kindle, Asus and Nexus ?(both tablets). I am always online, from the time I get up, until I fall asleep with my Asus. If you could solve this problem I would appreciate it.


Dianna, virus protection is a great idea for any device.  You don’t say whether or not your Asus tablet is an Android or Windows tablet. If it’s a Windows tablet, you’ll find your virus protection in the Windows store or as a download from the security provider’s website.

For you Nook and Nexus tablets (both are Android tablets), you’ll find anti-virus and malware protection in the Google Play Store. Click here to read about your options.

For your Kindle (also an Android tablet, but with a closed ecosystem from Amazon), you’ll find your virus protection in the Amazon App Store. Click here to learn about your options for Kindle.

 ~ Cynthia