Aaron from Chicago,IL writes “My wife is using Vista on her computer and now all of sudden her speakers has stop working. I check the properties and it says these devices are working properly but she still can’t get  sound. Yes, I made sure that they were plugged into the right port. What do you think might be the problem?”

Hi, Aaron.  Thanks for the great question.

So here’s how we troubleshoot this for you, because there are a number of factors that might cause this issue.

Speakers Main Image

The first thing that always occurs to me in a situation like this is equipment failure.  Could be your machine, but it’s probably the speakers.  So step one in this is to try another set of speakers.  Borrow a set from a friend.  If you don’t have any friends with speakers that you can borrow, buy a new set.  You can always return them if it turns out that your speakers weren’t the problem.  If the new speakers work, then your problem is solved.  You can also try plugging your speakers into another machine.  If they work on the new machine, then your speakers aren’t the problem.

If you borrow/buy new speakers and they STILL don’t work, the good news is that we’re one step closer to solving the problem.  So the next thing is to troubleshoot your machine and connections.  If your computer has internal speakers, unplug the externals completely and see if the internal speakers work.  If they don’t, it’s probably a bad sound card.  Try unplugging them completely if your computers If they are USB speakers, try plugging them into a different USB port.  One as far away from the original port as you can get, so you get them on a different card.  If it’s a desktop and you had them plugged into the front, try plugging them in the back instead.  If it’s a laptop and you had them plugged in on the right, switch them to the left.  If they work on the new port, then you’ve got a bad USB port. 

So, out of all of this you should find a solution.  If none of these work, then it might just be a matter for your friendly neighborhood computer tech.  Oh, and one more thing… when the device manager says that the device is working correctly, it simply means that the driver isn’t corrupt and is interacting correctly with Windows.  It doesn’t really test the device.

I hope that this helps!

~ Randal Schaffer