Mike from Port. St. Lucie, FL writes:

Hi. I have downloaded Chrome, But don’t see a star button or on/off. Also my wife’s  G mail does not show up. Any Ideas? thanks Mike.

I want to make sure that you haven’t just downloaded Chrome, but also installed the browser as well. Just downloading it is not enough, you do have to go through the installation process. If the Chrome Installer is still sitting in your downloads file, make sure to run it first.

Though you say star in your question, I wonder if you really mean start. If you mean start, all you need to do to start your Chrome browser is to double-click on the chrome icon show below.


If you mean star or the bookmark star. It’s to the right of the address bar at the top of the page and can be a little difficult to see. If you’d like to bookmark a page (save it as a favorite), just click that star.


Another helpful button to know is the menu button.


Click that for a drop-down menu for all of your options in the Chrome browser.


For Gmail, just type http://www.gmail.com in the browser address bar and hit enter. Then log into the account.


If you would like Gmail to be available every time Chrome is opened, right-click the tab and choose Pin tab. The Gmail page will open every time you open Chrome.


You can also add Chrome to you task bar for quicker opening. Right click on the Chrome icon and select Pin to taskbar.


 When you say on or off button, I assume you mean a way to close Chrome. Just click the little X up in the right corner to close Chrome.


I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia