The Google product family ranges from email to cloud based productivity software. Sometimes you might need all the services you sign up for. For instance, Google creates a Google + account for new users. What many don’t know is you can delete many of these extra services or apps without deleting your main Google account. You can always add the services back later if you want them. Please note that any data associated with the services you delete will likely be deleted permanently. Do not delete services if you have data you wish to keep.

Signing In

The first step is to sign in. Go to Google and click Sign In in the top right corner.

Sign In




Enter your username and password and click Sign In.

Log In














Click your Google profile image in the top right corner. If you  haven’t uploaded an image, you’ll see a generic image in a circle. Click Account to view your account settings.

Click Account












Deleting Services

Scroll to the Account Management section of your account screen. This should be the last section on the page. 

Account Management















Some services are listed already. For me, I can delete Google + and any YouTube content. Your screen may be different depending on which services you use. To delete one of these listed services, click the service or app name. You will be prompted to re-enter your password. You’ll then see a page with details describing what will be removed from your Google account if you decide to proceed. Read the page carefully to make sure you are ready to delete and don’t need to back up any data first.

When you’re ready, confirm you wish to delete the account. The exact phrasing varies based on what you’re deleting. For instance, if I delete my Google + profile, I’d press Remove Selected Services at the end of warning page. Go back to your main account page and repeat the process.

Deleting Other Services

Some services aren’t listed directly under Account Management. You’ll find some products under Delete Products which is listed in the Account Management section. If you have services listed, click the service and follow the prompts to delete. The process will be similar to the one above. If you don’t have any services listed, you’ll see the following message:

Delete Products






Use your browser’s back button to go back to your main account page as you do not want to delete your entire account.

Removing Services Not Listed

Some Google services must be removed individually, such as Blogger. If you’re not sure what services are currently associated with your account, Google lists all of these for you. Scroll to the Account Tools section on your main account page. 

Account Tools















Click Dashboard. You can change settings for individual services and products from this page, but you can’t delete anything. You’ll need to visit each site separately. For instance, if you have a Blogger account you no longer want, go to You’ll have to delete all your blogs to delete your account. It may still list it on your Dashboard, but the account will no longer be active. You can also delete or hide your profile.

Services That Can’t Be Removed

Some services and products can’t be removed. For instance, all Google accounts have cloud storage and photo albums. You can’t delete them, but you don’t have to use them. If you were using them and want to stop, remove all your data. This is the only way to “remove” those services without deleting your Google account. 

Backing Up Data

You can easily download your data before deleting a service. Under Account Settings, choose Download Data










Check each service you want to download your data from and click Next.

Choose the file format. The default .zip is usually easiest for Windows users. Select whether you want to receive your archive via email or to your Google cloud drive. You can download the file to your computer later no matter which option you choose. When you’re ready, click Create Archive.

Create Archive








You’ll receive steps on how to download your data based on the options you chose.

Always backup your account data for services you wish to delete. You don’t want to discover you needed something after it’s already gone.