In response to our article “Who’ll manage your Facebook account when you’re gone?”  Pat wrote:

Don’t also forget to have all of your passwords somewhere in a safe place so that others can get to them if needed. Mine are up in the clouds along with all other pertinent info that my daughter will need to know if something happens to me. This way it’s available immediately – check book info, savings, what to do with my clothes and furniture, etc. etc. etc. Hopefully this will make it easier for her at a very stressful time. Actually can also get into my tax papers which she will be needing to make the last filing and to get monies back. 
Some of you are much younger than I and probably feel like this can be done tomorrow – however, death/incapacitation can happen at any age.

Excellent point! Passwords for social media and online accounts and e-mail need to be where the people who will look after your affairs can find them. Not only in case of death, but serious injury where you aren’t able to handle things for a few months. And let’s not forget about a fire or some type of natural disaster where you could lose your important passwords and information.


I’ve had a few friends lately who were faced with going through papers and the process of logging into accounts after losing loved ones and it can be quite a long and difficult process if everything is not in order.

A cloud back-up is an excellent idea. For example, you could make a file that can only be accessed by you and the person you’ve chosen to manage your affairs.  Should something happen, that person could instantly access important information anywhere, instead of having to sort through drawers  and boxes hoping to find the right piece of paper.  You’re absolutely right, everyone should have those arrangements in place.

~ Cynthia