Ernie asks:

I have WiFi modem. Is there something to keep it just in the home?

Ernie, your WiFi signal shouldn’t broadcast much farther than the walls of  your house. You may be able to pick it up outside in your yard and it’s possible your neighbors may be able to pick up the signal depending on how close your houses are together.

There’s really no way to keep a signal from broadcasting outside your home. Let’s take a look at how WiFi works.

Your router generates a radio wave and broadcasts it in your home. Your computer or other wireless devices can use that wave to send and receive information to the modem and access the Internet.

It would be difficult to physically contain the wave length, through I suppose you could put your router in a basement, but that might interfere with the signal reaching all the way upstairs in your house.


In fact, most questions we receive involve extending the reach of the signal. I suspect that your concern is other people accessing your network.  That issue can be solved by making sure that your wireless network is secured with a password.

If your Internet Service Provider set up your router and modem, you should have been give the option for selecting a password then. If you need a password to log on to you wireless, your connection is probably already secured from outsiders hacking in.

If your network is not secured by a password, you’ll want to make sure to password-protect it ASAP. If the modem and router come from your Internet service provider, you may want to contact their customer service for directions on securing it.

If you purchased the equipment yourself, you should be able to find directions and the necessary information for securing your router in the documentation for the device.

This article from the archives offers some tips on tightening up your wireless security.

~ Cynthia