Sling TV Adds More Channels

Sling TV, the service that offers cable channels without a cable or satellite subscription is adding even more channels to the line-up, making it a viable alternative for those looking to cut the cord.


The service allows you to watch these channels from a streaming box, PC or tablet app. You can learn the basics by clicking here.

Now the service is adding AMC and IFC  to its initial lineup giving you 16 basic channels for $20 a month.  That means fans of popular shows like The Walking Dead and Mad Men who say goodbye to cable, will still be able to watch those shows at the same time as their friends with cable and not on a delayed basis.  But that also means you have to watch commercials.


The service is also adding an additional tier featuring four EPIX channels and Sundance TV for an additional $5 per month.

If you are used to the functionality of a DVR, you may not like the limited abilities to pause, rewind and store programs with Sling TV. The episodes are gone after a limited period of time, so there’s no saving your favorite episode and re-watching over and over again.

Sling is offering a free 7 day trial and there’s no equipment to buy (other than devices you may already own) or long-term contract commitment. Click here to check out that offer. If you add on all of the available channel packages, it will run you $40 a month in addition to whatever cost you have for your broadband connection.

~ Cynthia


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