Patricia  from Bull Shoals asks:

Why do my desktop shortcuts keep locking up and will not open? I have to restart. I run Windows 7 on HP model p7-1020.

Patricia, we can’t be sure why our desktop shortcuts keep locking up.  It’s not an uncommon issue in Windows 7 and usually if you reboot the computer, the shortcuts become clickable again, however the issue will start all over again in a few days.

The cause could be a third party program. Some have reported issues due to their security software others say it is linked to using Internet Explorer, but there doesn’t seem to be a single answer as to what’s behind the problem. I do have a couple of solutions to try.

First, you could try Mcrosoft’s FixIt for broken desktop shortcuts. Click here to run that program. 


It is designed to help with broken Desktop icons and Startup items that don’t work. It can also repair disk volume errors. When you click on it, you’ll be given the option to save the file.


It will be downloaded to your downloads file. You can type downloads in your search menu to find the downloads file. Double-click download to launch the program.


 If that doesn’t help, there may be an issue with your account settings. To test out if that’s the problem, you’ll need to create another user account for Windows. Type Add or Remove Users in the search window of your Start Menu and click on the results.


Select Create new account.


Choose a name for the account and decide whether you want it to have Administrator or Standard privileges.


You can then log onto your computer using the new account and see if the issue when your shortcuts keeps happening. If it clears up, the problem would likely be that your user account somehow became corrupted.

I hope one of these solutions helps.

~ Cynthia