It’s no secret that sometimes seemingly reasonable people seem to fly off the handle when posting on social media, saying things they’d never think of saying about or to another person when speaking in person?

Why does this happen? A prominent psychologist says this type of social media rage is actually a lot like road rage. We all know (or maybe are) a person who is pretty mellow in daily life who absolutely flies off the handle and loses it behind the wheel. They lose all empathy for other people and let fly with profanity and insults.

angry businessman

Apparently it’s for the same reason. When isolated in their vehicle, people don’t feel connected to the drivers around them and become angrier and more aggressive. You’re even more isolated from the people you insult on social media and it can be difficult for people to remember that there are actual human being on the receiving end of those insults.

While Twitter rage doesn’t lead to multi-car pile ups – acting in anger on social media can lead to hurt feeling and broken relationships and some suicides have been linked to social media abuse.

As always it’s best to think before you post, honk or Tweet.

~ Cynthia