Popular photo sharing service Instagram is introducing a new collage app.  A lot of Instagram users use collage apps from other developers to combine multiple photos before uploading to Instagram, now the company is finally providing an app of its own.


Like most collage apps, users can choose from templates to design their images.


In Layouts, they can choose up to 9 photos to combine for an image.


There’s also a Photo Booth mode that can be used with a timer.


Images put together in Layouts can be easily shared to Instagram and other networks. While Layouts works with Instagram, you are not required to have an Instagram account to use it.

One of the cooler effects is a nifty mirroring tool, which I look forward to using on my own phone sometime soon. Right now it’s only available for iPhones.


If you have an iPhone, download this free app and give it a try. Android users will have to wait, Instagram says an Android version will be available later in the year.

 ~ Cynthia