According to Juniper Research’s “Smart Home, Connected Life” study, the smarthome market will be worth $60 billion by 2017. Many homeowners want the latest in smart devices to help keep them safe, monitor their home or simply make their lives easier. Whatever the reasons you want to go smart, start outfitting your home with the latest in smart home technology.

Create a Climate-Controlled House

A smart thermostat enables you to create a climate-controlled home. The Nest is an Internet-based device that “learns” your habits and adjusts according to your preferences, such as lowering itself when you’re away.


This helps control the overall temperature of your home and could slash energy bills up to 20 percent. According to the company website, if your thermostat isn’t programmed, you could be wasting about $173 a year.

Educate Yourself on a Smart Kitchen

It’s no longer necessary to scribble out a grocery list or try to recall if you’re out of milk and juice. Just ask your smart fridge while you’re at the store. LG’s newly unveiled model features Home Chat with the ability to ask if you’re out of your favorite beverage or just about anything else.


There’s also a refrigerator camera, so you can peek to see if you need those eggs. To make sure your smart fridge has company, LG also offers a Smart ThinQ smartphone app to monitor your appliances, including wash cycles, your oven’s self-cleaning process and more. If you run into a problem, their appliances can also diagnose themselves, so you know what’s going on and how to troubleshoot accordingly.

Update Your Windows

Smart windows help darken and brighten your rooms without the need for an external power source. This could potentially help reduce energy bills and keep your home more comfortable at the same time. Companies like Sage Electrochromics of Minnesota and Soladigm in California are working on building plants to produce the smart glass for mass market.

While you wait for mass distribution, pick-up low emissivity (or Low-E) glass from a retailer like Lowe’s. The windows are treated with an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating to help reflect heat while light passes through. Low-E glass can help reduce your energy consumption and keep your fabrics from fading. To optimize the effect, combine them with high-quality roller shades from a retailer like The Shade Store to help protect your interiors from UV rays and sun damage.

Smart Home Sensing

Smart fridges, windows and thermostats can make your home more comfortable as well as stylish. Take your smart home journey a step further and look for home-sensing gadgets. Wally can actually alert you to water leaks, changes in humidity or dramatic drops in temperature.


You’ll get an immediate alert that tells you exactly where a leak is based on where you place its sensors. It could save you a bundle in plumbing bills by identifying easily fixed issues and flagging ones that require immediate expert help.

~ David