Apple has released an update for iPhones and iPads to the iOS operating system.  The update is intended to fix some bugs and improve performance for app launching and responsiveness.

Users should also see improved performance for Wi-Fi and in the way 3rd-party keyboards work with iOS devices.  Among the fixes to WiFi and Bluetooth are a bug where users were continually asked for login credentials and bugs that caused users to disconnect from Wi-Fi.

The update also takes care of an orientation problem where the screen was not flipping between portrait and landscape modes properly when devices were rotated.

This update should also tackle issues with messages including once where group messages sometimes split and where users were unable to forward or delete some messages.  It also adds the ability to report junk messages in the messages app and to filter out messages not sent by people you know.


Fixes were also added to Family sharing. One fix tackles a problem where some apps didn’t properly update or launch on family members’ devices.  This update should also work out some kinks in the CarPlay system including problems with maps and an issue with the keyboard randomly popping up.


A few issues affecting accessibility should also be ironed out including issues with the VoiceOver function in mail messages and problems with the Braille Screen.

On the fun side, there’s a new Emoji keyboard with 300 additional characters.



To update, first make sure to back up your device to iTunes or iCloud. Then tap Settings>General>Software Update and tap Download and Install.


~ Cynthia