We’re lucky enough to have readers from all over the world like Piyush from India.  Regarding our article about the ability to draw on webpages in the new Spartan Browser, Piyush wrote: I am using Chrone Browser. How do I highlight or draw circle on a web page?

Now you can always do this in any browser by taking a screenshot of a web page and opening a program like Paint to add circles or highlights, but if you’re using Chrome, there’s a handy extension for that.

Open your Chrome browser and click Apps in the upper-left corner.


  Then choose Web Store.


Type  PageMarker  in the Chrome web store search and tick the extensions box.


Page Marker should display in the results. Click the Free button.


You’ll be asked to confirm the new extension. Click Add.


A red pencil icon will appear in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser.


When you want to draw on a webpage in Chrome, click that marker, then use your mouse to click and draw on the page.


To change the color of the lines, use your up or down arrow keys.


You can clear the drawing on the page by pressing the X key.

If you’re looking to highlight, there are several extensions available, including Yawas Web Highlighter.  You can find them in the Chrome store and install them much in the same way as Page Marker.

To use the Yawas Web Highlighter, click the Star icon it install on your browser.


Select the text you wish to highlight with your mouse then right-click and choose Yawas Web Highlighter from the menu.


Then select the color for the highlights by choosing from the menu.  You can also use keyboard shortcuts.


You can use multiple colors on the page.


~ Cynthia