Your three-year-old Smart TV is too old for watching YourTube videos as far as Google is concerned. If your phone, tablet or smart TV was manufactured before 2013, the YouTube app might not be working any more. Google pulled the plug on support for hundreds of devices at the end of April.

This includes Sony and Panasonic TVs and Blu-Ray Players as well as many Apple devices.  Users will see this notification when they open the app.


Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will need to be upgraded to iOS 7 in order to download the YouTube Data API and run the app.  That app will no longer work on anything older than an iPhone 4 or on the original version of the iPad. You’ll need to have at least an iPad 2 that’s been upgraded to iOS 7. Older iPod touch devices won’t work with the app. You’ll need to have at least the 5th generation model. You can still open up the Safari browser on these devices and view YouTube content there.

If also won’t work on 1st or 2nd generation Apple TVs. But there’s no way to watch YouTube content on these devices.

There’s a long list of affected Sony devices. The TV list is too long to fit in an article. You can click here to read Sony’s list.

The Blu-Ray and Home Theatre System list includes nearly 50 models.  Click here to read the list.


The app will also no longer function on some Sony network media players and receivers, as well as one model of Walkman.

Sony says they have no solution to enable you to watch YouTube on those devices, but suggest you use your PS3 or PS4 or play it from a newer tablet or smartphone.


Panasonic has a list of over 100 devices that no longer support the app.  Click here to read. Like Sony, the company has no solution to allow you to watch the content.

You may be able YouTube via  web browser if you have a device that supports Flash or HTML5, but unfortunately that won’t be possible on the vast majority of these devices.

Google says the upgrade is necessary in order to focus on improving the official YouTube app.

~ Cynthia