Privacy is increasingly rare in today’s online world, and increasingly important. Identity thieves are becoming bolder, often just visiting a website is enough for them to install tracking software one your computer; then it’s only a matter of time before they’re in a position to defraud your bank accounts. Even companies such as Facebook install tacking software to gather information about your browsing habits. Here I will cover two tried and tested methods of keeping your information just that little bit more secure.

Install Disconnect Chrome Extension

Disconnect is a simple, powerful extension that subtly blocks websites from tracking your browsing data or history. This is perhaps the most powerful application of its kind, and by far one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

Open chrome app store.

In the top right hand corner of the window, click the apps button.


Now, click the webstore icon.


Download And Install Disconnect

Type disconnect in the search bar, the first option in the extensions category should be what you’re looking for.


Click the “free” button, it should begin to download.


Keep your Passwords safe with Dashlane

Dashlane is a handy tool that keeps and creates secure passwords on your computer, it can also autofill forms so it takes less time to register for a new website.

You can dowload it here.

Just follow the prompts to install.

Be CyberSmart

This is quite possibly the most powerful way to protect yourself online. By simply following two rules, you can significantly lower your chance of identity theft.

1. Never use Facebook auto-login. The moment you log in to a site with Facebook, every thing you do is tracked and recorded, by both the site and Facebook. Facebook can then sell this information or use it to create an emotional profile of you for use in targeted advertising.

2. Keep your passwords secure. I don’t mean simply not telling anyone of your passwords, I mean maintaining hard to guess (eight letters or more) passwords, try an easy to remember sentence, like “cloudsfloatintheskyat9pm”. For a computer, this is as hard to guess as a random string, personalize your passwords to whatever you find easiest, just stay away from your familiy’s or pet’s names

~ Kaelan Dekker