Lamar is worried that Windows 10 is going to automatically install.  “When Windows 10 is released how can I stop it from installing automatically during Windows Updates? I want to wait as long as possible before installing 10.”


Windows 10 is expected to be delivered through Windows Update, which will make it super-easy to install and encourage more early adoption. Whether or not users will receive some type of notification to update hasn’t been announced. My guess is that they will and will need to approve the update.

I still wouldn’t worry. I’m sure Microsoft will give plenty of notice as to when the updates are available and you can just turn off automatic update and handpick which updates you want to install on your Windows PC.

I wouldn’t suggest putting off the installation of Windows 10 as long as possible. It’s actually a pretty nice system that should seem familiar to both users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

~ Cynthia