Have you ever opened a web page only to find the screen is covered with a prompt that tells you to sign in before you can see the page?  Or maybe there are annoying advertisements that cover up the contents of the page. Yes, we’ve all been there.

Well here is a simple method that you can use to make it disappear from your browser page. The main idea behind this technique is to alter (or in this case, to remove) the HTML coding of the contents that you don’t want to see. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about HTML to make this work.

For example, we want to see an answer to the question : ‘How do I become a data scientist?’ on Quora.com. When we open the page , this is what we get –


Next time you come across such a pop-up like this,  right- click on the content that you want removed. On the drop down menu, choose the option inspect element.


A window will open showing the HTML code for the page. This section is called the web inspector window.


You’ll notice the highlighted line in the HTML code. Just press the Delete button to erase the code.


You’ll see that the pop-up window has been removed from the page.


Because there may be more than one element blocking your view on a page, you could need to do this for each element to see your. In our example, we also need to remove the white layer that’s obscuring the page. Just like before, we’ll right click on that layer and delete it from the inspector window.


Now, you should be able to view the entire page. Click the x in the upper right of the inspector window to close it.


~ Subham Patoa