After I told you about an extension that lets you draw on the screen in Google Chrome,  Samuel asked,  “OK  Cynthia, You showed us How to  highlight or draw circle on a web page? in Chrome (Draw On The Screen In Chrome) NOW can it be done in Firefox?”

 Okay, Samuel. It sure can.  To use this extension, you must be using the Firefox browser.  Click here to go directly to the Web Paint extension.

You can also go To the page for Firefox extensions and search Web Paint

The app is free, just click the Add to Firefox button.


A pop-up window will ask you to give permission to install. Click Install.


A notice will tell that Web Paint has been installed.


There will now be an icon for Web Paint in the upper-right corner of your browser.


Click it and you’ll see a menu.


If you’ve used Paint or similar drawing program they’ll look familiar.  Choose the pen icon to draw freehand


Click the color box to open a color palette window.


The eye dropper icon lets you use a color picker to select a color from anywhere else on the screen and the T icon permits you type text.


Drawing tool let you select line or shapes.


As you might guess, the eraser icon lets you erase your work.


You can control the transparency of the color as well as the thickness of the lines.


To save a screenshot of your work, click the camera icon.


A tab will open giving you the option to download and save the shot, print it, copy to clipboard or cropping options.


It’s a very handy little tool.

~ Cynthia