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I’ve always been curious about the habits of other writers, especially right now when my life is 95% writing, and this site really sheds light on how other people approach the craft.

I think this offers a really interesting look into how different authors approach their tools and environment for writing.  My desk is covered in yarn (I have three started knitting projects on the level with my keyboard) and then paperwork (on the level with my monitor). Some days it is beautiful chaos, other days I have to clean it all off  in order to work.

My favorite thing about my writing setup though is my keyboard. It was an early Christmas present (because my previous keyboard just died) and makes the process more magical.  I have a Corsair K65 with cherry mx red mechanical key switches. It lights up in an array of colors (I have it set to rainbow) and is the best keyboard I’ve ever used in my life. Not to mention that it’s lasted for more than six months without wearing out from constant usage.

Where I Write is brought to you by the publisher Hachette as global project that brings together Twitter and Periscope to bring fans into the places where their favorite authors write.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll be treated to a gallery of author headshots, if you mouse over them they reveal the name of the author, and if you click into one you’ll be whisked off to the Author’s page.

On the Author’s page, you’ll find a brief bit of biographical information, as well as a blurb about their writing, and then video itself.

In order to watch the video all you have to do is click play. The video playtimes range from short (a few minutes) to long  (a half an hour or more).

You can also click YouTube at the top of the page if you’d like to go their channel there and subscribe. I did, so I thought I’d mention it.



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