Incredibly Easy Ways To Speed Up Your PC: Part 1

There is, perhaps, nothing more annoying than a slow, freezing computer/laptop. The reasons for the crashes, freezes and/or glacial pace of the computer can be attributed to either hardware, software or internal memory/RAM woes.

That being said, sometimes the best answer is to try the simplest solutions first before delving into the more technical ones.

If you’re facing similar problems with your Windows 7 Home Premium, we highly recommend trying the following before trying your hand at the more advanced solutions/advice.


Remove Bloatware to Free-Up Space on Your Hard Drive

Bloatware is every program you didn’t install on your computer yourself. They are the programs that came pre-installed with the computer and sometimes even programs that came as stowaways on updates and/or the programs you do install.

One easy way to recognize a bloatware program is that if it has a trial period i.e. trialware, then it doesn’t need to be on your computer (unless you want to subscribe to the full version).

You can easily remove all bloatware from your computer by installing a bloatware remover program. The most user friendly bloatware remover, according to us, is the PC Decrapifier. Here’s how you can download it.

Just go to the website and click on Download in the “Easy to Use” box.


Next, click on Download Now:


Which will open a dialogue box, click on Save File:


Select the location of the folder you want to save the file in. Once the download is complete, open it and allow the program to run.


Once the program has your authorization to run, the Welcome page will open, click on Analyze:


Analyzing can take a few minutes. Once it’s done, it will give you a list of all the redundant programs i.e. the programs you don’t need. Select the programs you don’t want and click Remove Selected. If you don’t have any programs worth removing, it will tell you so:


Removing bloatware can free up a lot of valuable space; space which is needed for the efficient running of Windows.

Now that we’ve removed the clutter, we’ve still got a lot of work to to do. In Part 2, we’ll learn how to removed unused files that could be clogging up you computer.

~ Rakiah

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  1. I clicked on the “Website” link you included in this tip, but got a completely different site than the one you show–apparently trying to get me to use other programs. Apparently this Website has been changed since your original publication. I would still like to try the Decrapifier program. Can you send updated info?
    Boyd Lyons

    1. I simply copied the Address (URL) for and pasted it as Paste and Go into the Navigation Bar of my Chrome Browser. Got straight to the correct (and safe) site.

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