We recently talked about the multiple versions of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. So how many versions of Windows 10 can we expect to see? Drum roll please…. SIX!


Windows 10 Home will be the consumer -focused desktop edition for PCs and Tablets.

Windows 10 Pro is for desktops and tablets, but has extra features to meet the needs of small businesses.

Windows 10 Enterprise is designed for medium to large organizations and will be available to volume licensing customers.

Window 10 Education is designed for schools and students and will also offer volume licensing.

Windows 10 Mobile will be for smartphones and small tablets.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is for smartphones and tablets in a business settings.

All of these versions should be capable of running “Universal Apps,” which means that you should be able to access the same program from your phone or tablet that you do from your PC with the only real changes being the display. Windows 10 should be available to the public in late summer.

~ Cynthia