Microsoft has said it wants your Xbox One to be more than just a game console, they want the whole family to use it, especially for watching television and using streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.


They company has now made a big move to attract cord-cutters (people who give up cable or satellite for online streaming) by supporting  a TV tuner that allows the Xbox to receive over-the-air broadcast channels.

The Hauppage Digital TV Tuner will allow you to receive local broadcast HDTV channels through your Xbox to play on your TV. The tuner costs $60, but there’s no charge for the programming.

Users will be able to pause up to 30 minutes of Live TV and navigate the broadcast channels with Kinect voice controls.


They’ll also be able to stream the live channels to other devices in the home using the Xbox One SmatGlass app to watch on their PC, phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if someone is playing a game on the Xbox, people can still watch the program elsewhere.

You can also get the tuner in bundle with an antenna for $99.99 at the Microsoft store.  What channels you can receive will, of course, depend on the reception in your area and what type of antenna you buy.

You can check out the availability of over-the-air signals and what kind of antenna you’ll require at Antenna Web.

~ Cynthia