Hackers Take Data From More Than 1 Million Insurance Customers

Hackers managed to get data on over a million current and former customers of CareFirst Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance.  Even worse, it took the company nearly a year to figure out that data was compromised.

The data includes names, dates of birth and other information, but the company says health records and Social Security numbers were not affected.

Anthem is offering free identity theft and credit monitoring service for those affected. Click here to learn more.


Press-On TV Less Than 1 MM Thick

LG showed off a new “press-on” wallpaper TV that’s less than 1 mm thick. The flexible screen uses OLED technology that doesn’t require any back lighting. The prototype TV attaches to a wall with magnets, so there would be no need for heavy and expensive mounting hardware.


The screen can even be rolled up for easy transport. The same technology could also be used for flexible computer monitors and tablet screens.

Restaurant Spends Millions On Changes For Instagrammers

Popular restaurant chain Chili’s is changing the way it presents food, all to appeal to the Instagram crowd.  It’s made changes such as putting fries upright in a cup to make sure meals look appetizing when smartphone users share photos on social media.


The company also spent nearly a million dollars to develop a new egg wash to make buns photograph better.

~ Cynthia