Well, it’s not exactly a smart watch, but it is a wearable wellness monitor just like the fitness apps that people use in conjunction with their Apple Watch or Fit Bit.

It’s called Voyce and it’s intended to keep track of your dog’s health using an app on your smart phone or tablet.


Since your pup can’t wear a watch, you select a collar that suits his size. They range from a 12″ – 16″ size all the way up to an XL of 24″ to 32.” You can purchase a monthly monitoring plan for $14.95 or an entire year at the discounted price of $149.50.


You can then use your smartphone or tablet to access a dashboard that displays your dog’s vital signs. It monitors your dog’s heart and respiratory rate as well as her daily activity and calories burned. If your animal is overweight, you can choose to add more activity into the mix.  The collar also keeps an eye on your pet’s rest patterns. If your dog isn’t resting well, it could be a sign of pain or some other issue.  You can also set reminders for family members to give the dog medication or let your dog walker know about Fido’s fitness goals.


If your vet is signed up with Voyce, you can also allow their office to have access to the information to aid in early diagnosis of problems or in tracking a dog after an operation or other procedure.


Also included are articles about your specific breed and its health concerns and needs.


The collar is rechargeable via a micro-usb cable and the charge usually goes for about a week. The makers also promise that the collar is dust and waterproof, as long as your pup doesn’t take up deep-sea diving.

The majority of adults who use wearables to monitor their fitness give them up after a few month’s use. Whether or not they’ll be more vigilant when monitoring their pet’s health, only time will tell.

~ Cynthia