Want to share your holiday photos on Dropbox with your family? Want to show your colleague a presentation you’ve prepared? Need a quick way to share your Dropbox files?

If you want to show someone a document or folder of yours, which is too large to send by email – you probably have that folder on Dropbox. You can generate a link to that folder/document in Dropbox quite easily, and send the link to whoever needs it. When they click the link, they will be brought to a page which has your folder or document and they can download or view the documents if they need to. This tip will show you how.

1.  Go to www.dropbox.com by typing the address into your browser’s address bar. Log in with your details or else, or create an account if you don’t have one.


2. When you click “Sign In”, you will be prompted to fill in your details, make sure to get them right! Once you’ve filled out your email and password, click “Sign In”.


3. You will then be directed to the page with your folders or documents. Hover over the folder you wish to share, and click on the light blue “Share” button which pops up alongside the folder name. A dropdown menu appears. Click on the “Send link…” option.


4. A popup will open which gives you two options for generating and sharing the link with others.

The first option is to copy the link. You will see a generated link, click the right button on your mouse and select “Copy”. You can then paste this link wherever you wish, whether it’s in an email, your notes for safekeeping or in a document.

The second option is to send the link through email. All you have to do is type the emails you want to send the link to, in the “Email” space and then, type your message in the Message space. Hit “Send” once you’re done.


5. If you want to share just a single file instead of an entire folder, you can do that also. Click on the folder which contains the file you want to share.


6, Then, hover over the single file or document you want to share. The light blue share button will appear and you can follow the steps as in step 4.


~ Silvia