FCC Plans Crackdown On Spam Texts, Calls

The FCC is ready to crack down on unwanted texts and calls to mobile phone users. The agency is calling this move the most significant act of consumer protection since the Do-Not-Call registry was established in 2003.

The legislation would give consumers the right to revoke consent to robocalls and robotexts at any time and also allow carriers to offer robocall blocking tech to consumers.  The rules would also mean that when you inherit someone else’s phone number, you don’t inherit their consent to receive texts and calls.

Nearly 90% of American adults have a cell phone with 44% of homes relying exclusively on their cell phone.

Android Loses Market Share While iOS Climbs

Android’s share of the tablet and smartphone marketplace slipped a bit in the first 3 months of 2015, falling by nearly 2%. Not that Google needs to panic. Android still has nearly 80% of the market.  Apple’s share climbed from 15% to nearly 18%.


More than 8 million Windows phones were sold, but they still have just over 2% of the market.  BlackBerry, which at one time was king of the mobile market has just over half a percent of the market share.

No TV Or Internet For Pope Francis

Pope Francis doesn’t do the Internet or TV. Vatican radio says the Pontiff spends 10 minutes every morning reading the newspaper, but stays away from the Internet and hasn’t watch TV since 1990 after making a promise to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. However, the Swiss Guard at the Vatican does keep him up-do-date on soccer scores.


The Vatican does Tweet on behalf of the Pope, but he says he enjoys being with people in person and shares meals and mass daily with 40 people who work for the Holy See along with visiting Bishops, priests and lay people.

~ Cynthia